If your average, everything is laid out for you. Society is simply geared to cater for masses of average people. But what if you’re not average? What if you’re above average? The way things are today… you’re at a similar disadvantage regardless of whether you’re above average or below average. This isn’t a good thing. The point we are trying to make is that is the majority of cases if you’re exceptional you are at as much of a disadvantage as someone who is not, in the state-funded schooling system.

Children who excel easily at school are often under stimulated, which can cause all sorts of behavioral problems. This in turn can mask a child’s ability as once they have started to misbehave, most teachers will focus on the problem and not the cause. In these situations, it is important to identify high achievers at the earliest stage possible. Once identified, you need to assess their level of performance. This way a gauge can be made to determine their unique development needs. Once known, teachers can effectively strategies on an approach to a more bolstered curriculum for the child.

This is all well and good and will go some way to the proper development of a gifted child… but in our view this is a stop-gap measure that needs a permanent solution if it is to be truly effective in the long term.

We encourage parents to find extra-curricular help for their gifted children as the state system simply isn’t geared to provide the kind of support needed to most gifted children. Put another way, we once worked with a child of 10 years of age. The child was able to read three times the speed of the average adult AND retain the information. Their level of aptitude for English, maths, and science was circa per-graduate stage. There isn’t a primary school in the country, save the world, that has the facilities, resources, or expertise to deal with a child like this.

GRC is well versed in such challenges. Our staff have been specially trained in supporting children of this nature. Our materials and resources are advanced but tailor made for your younger adults so that they can be used effectively. The biggest benefit of our service is that your gifted child will be around like-minded children. They feel accepted and free to express themselves. We do more than provide intellectual support. By working with us children get a holistic range of support and development, which stands them in good stead for later life.